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Salad with Fish Fillet

Business Lunch & Buffet Options

Sample Selection 

Lunch box 

£ 8 per head (minimum order 6 boxes) 

All served in a craft card compostable box with paper napkin  

Two cocktail bread rolls- choose fillings from menu A below 

Puff pastry pinwheel with ricotta, pepperoni, olive and sun-dried tomato 

One brownie and one cake or pastry 

One serving grapes or alternative seasonal fruit 



Buffet Menu A


A selection of cocktail sized bread rolls and mini wraps offered with four fillings

£ 9.50 per head


Choose four fillings from


Tuna crunch mayonnaise 

Egg Marie Rose 

Roast turkey and cranberry 

Hummus and roasted red pepper 

Double Gloucester cheese and chutney 

All above served with vegetable crisps and cherry tomatoes 



Choose two flavours of mini cakes/pastries for your selection


Cocoa and hazelnut brownie 

Caraway seed cake 

Spiced apple cake 

Raspberry tart 

Lemon drizzle cake 

Chocolate and marzipan fancies 


Buffet Menu B


 A selection of assorted cocktail size bread rolls and mini wraps with four fillings: 

£ 12.50 per head
(minimum 12 persons)



Choose four fillings from


Herby chicken breast with asparagus mayo 

Marinated slow cooked fillet of beef with seasonal leaves and cherry tomato 

Prawns in dill, lemon and red onion mayonnaise 

Smoked salmon and dill with cream cheese 

Moroccan hummus with roast red pepper  

Brie, baby leaves and cranberry sauce 



Choose two savouries from 

Pepperoni, olive and sundried tomato puff pastry pinwheels 

Ham and Asparagus puff pastry pinwheels 

Smoked salmon and cream cheese blinis 

Goats cheese and caramelised onion tartlets 

Wild mushroom vol-au-vents 

Welsh rarebit bites with chutney  

Pea and Mint fritters with a yogurt dip 


Choose up to four flavours of mini cakes/pastries for your selection


Cocoa and hazelnut brownie 

Spiced apple cake 

Raspberry buns 

Lemon drizzle cake 

Chocolate and marzipan fancies 

Citrus and poppy seed cake 

Mini meringues with cream 

Scones with lemon curd cream and blueberries 



p o a

Truly impressive Swedish savoury sandwich cake, beautifully decorated, We can offer vegetarian, meat or seafood options. Each serves six generously. Price on application. 

Hot food options

£18 per head

For gatherings of up to 4o people we are pleased to offer a seasonal hot food option 

Marinated and slow cooked fillet of beef served with potato gratin, mushrooms and a mixed seasonal leaf salad  

(*Vegan “beef” alternative available) 

Spiced local orchard fruits topped with an oat and poppyseed crumble served with homemade vanilla sauce 


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